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Brother Spotlight: Andrea Clinch

I became interested in medicine early on in high school when I traveled to Peru for a medical mission trip to fix cleft lips and palettes. I was always planning on being pre-med, but I felt that I didn't have enough personal experience to lock myself into a strictly pre-med major. Instead, I chose to major in (biological) engineering, assuming either engineering or premed would 'win out' as my top passion and I would drop the other. Now, as a senior still in engineering and preparing to apply to medical school, it's obvious I never chose just one of these passions. Before joining Theta Tau, I felt split between my interests. I felt like it was required that I drop this "random combination" and focus on just one. When I went through new member education, the more I talked with brothers the more I realized that engineering is not a strictly defined field. You can use an engineering degree to fit any and all of your passions. With every brother who told me their unconventional plan for how to use engineering in their career, I saw my own path changing. Theta Tau not only showed me that I can prioritize both engineering and medicine but also provided the support for me to do this. From taking finals to taking the MCAT, my success is owed in large part to this group and all it has to offer.