Theta Tau

a message from the regent

Announcement Regarding Diversity

We are the brothers of the Kappa Delta Chapter of Theta Tau at Cornell University. We condemn the behaviors demonstrated in the recently released video from our chapter at Syracuse University, and do not feel that this is representative of who we are as a professional engineering fraternity. We support the investigation of the chapter by our national officers and hope that this incident can serve as a teaching opportunity for those who would use such hateful language in any way.

Unfortunately, it is not within our legal capacity to comment on the situation at this time. That being said, the Kappa Delta Chapter wants to emphasize that we will do everything in our ability to ensure that hate speech and acts of discrimination do not proliferate within the Cornell Engineering community. Furthermore, the Kappa Delta Chapter has reached out to Theta Tau Nationals to request that they publish diversity statistics and create an action plan to prevent similar acts from taking place.

We have already started taking large steps towards improving diversity within our own chapter. Over the past semester, we have held intensive diversity and consent education workshops to raise awareness around issues within the community. Additionally, we have analyzed our recruitment statistics in an attempt to target unconscious bias within the recruitment process. These are some of the initial steps that we have taken to educate and ensure that every member of the chapter is an agent of change and a social justice ally. Under no circumstance shall the members of our chapter insinuate or tolerate any behaviors endangering the campus climate or the well-being of our peers. As regent of Theta Tau, I can ensure that we will continue to cultivate a positive and inclusive community over the next year and beyond.

Although we are not currently at liberty to make any public comments, we encourage you to reach out to discuss how the behaviors demonstrated by the chapter at Syracuse University have affected you. As individuals, our opinions on the matter cannot be silenced, and we are here to listen.

-- Jordan Fuller, Regent of Kappa Delta Chapter